200 Most Common Passwords Of 2021 Are Outright Embarrassing And It’s No Wonder So Many People Get Hacked

123456 is no longer the secure password it (never) was and unsurprisingly, tops the list of the 200 most used passwords for 2021.

The list was conducted by NordPass, and unfortunately people are refusing to budge on 'qwerty' and 'password', which are solid shouts if you want to be hacked.

50 countries were involved in the study, along with gender comparison.

It seems as if almost all of the same passwords that were popular in 2017 and 2019 remain at the top of the pile.

Well, the top 37 list of 2021's worst passwords are:
[pretends to be shocked] You can view the full list here.

Nordpass say that each of those passwords can take a hacker less than one second to crack and you'd have to go as far down as the 53rd most popular password 'myspace1' to find one that takes longer.

Out of the 200 passwords, the longest it would take a hacker to figure one out is three hours.

"Unfortunately, passwords keep getting weaker, and people still don't maintain proper password hygiene," said NordPass CEO Jonas Karklys.

"It's important to understand that passwords are the gateway to our digital lives, and with us spending more and more time online, it's becoming enormously important to take better care of our cybersecurity."

The tech company also shared some other fun facts, such as the titbit that a large amount of people like using their own name as their password.

Ferrari and Porsche are said to be the most popular car brands when it comes to passwords - I guess Lamborghini is too difficult to spell.

Controversially, Liverpool is allegedly the most popular team used for a password, which, as a United fan, I find very hard to believe.

In 2021, dolphin was ranked number one among animal-related passwords in many countries.

Finally, in the US, 222,287 women used 'iloveyou', as opposed to 96,785 men.

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