11 Times People Dropped A Sentence That Probably No One Has Ever Thought Of Before, As Shared In This Group

People talk so much every day, you'd think we'd run out of things to say. But we're as good with words as the weather is with ruining a perfectly fine day. Just take a look at the subreddit r/BrandNewSentence, for example. From the divorce rate among socks to the crotch fruit we make our employees, its members collect sentences they think have never been written before, and their collection is pretty impressive. Continue scrolling and take a look at some of the subreddit's top posts.

1 Illegal Underground Grandma Karaoke Bars

2 Happens To The Best Of Us

3 Is America The Rest Of The World's Florida

4 I Do Not Vibe With This Soil

5 Soak It In Olive Oil

6 We’ll Keep Ye Plump As A Partridge

7 “I Was So Insulted I Woke Up”

8 Those Are The Holes Poked In The Container So We Can Breathe

9 Spare Me The Itch Juice, Thank You

10 Crotch Fruit Employees

11 Have We Checked All Food To See If Exploding Them Makes Them Into Something Better, Or Did We Just Stop With Corn

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