World’s Sweetest Groomer Caught Dancing With A Client’s Dog

What do you imagine happening when you take your dog to the groomer? I imagine that the dog is bathed, brushed, and pampered. It is like a spa day for your pooch! But Luis Antonio Caballero takes it one step further!

We have the video to prove that this doggie spa is the best one ever! Cabellero, 58, runs PetShop Perrito Feliz with his wife, Gabriela, in Buenos Aires. The video captures Cabellero scrubbing and dancing with one of his clients!

This guy loves his job! Gabriela captured her husband on video – he obviously didn’t know he was being watched! Cabellero’s love for dogs can be seen outside his shop too.

Caballero helps homeless dogs find new homes. He believes that helping dogs is his true calling. His entire family is dedicated to helping and loving canines!

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