Woman With Down's Syndrome Retires With Heart Warming Party After 32 Years Service At McDonald’s

A woman with Down's syndrome has retired following 32 years of services at the French Fry station of a Massachusetts McDonald's and she has left in memorable fashion.

Freia David received a one-of-a-kind retirement party at a McDonald's in Needham on Monday, CBS Boston reported, with more than 100 people packing the restaurant to wish her well.

Amongst the gifts she received were a silver necklace with a fry-carton pendant and a proclamation from the state House of Representatives.
"It was nice, I'm really happy," Freia told WBZ-TV. "I like all my friends here."

She began working at the Needham McDonald's in 1984 through a scheme that placed adults with cognitive disabilities in work.

Co-workers described how every time she came in for a shift, Freia would greet her fellow employees with a hug.

"When she saw any kids in the lobby, she started making fries and would come out and say, 'Hi sweetie'. She's a lovely, lovely girl," said Rony Sandoval, the restaurant's manager.

But, as Freia was coming close to having served a million pounds of fries to customers, her 90-year-old mother noticed that she was forgetting things and urged her to retire.

Although she told WBZ she would miss her job, she said he looked forward to retirement at the Charles River Center, where she lives.

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"I get to relax and take care of myself," she said.

Fair play, Freia, you've certainly earned it.

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