Watch The Crazy Thing That Happened On This Water Slide

What’s your favorite way to cool off in hot weather? Luckily for all of us, there are TONS of great options: pools, water “blobs”, popsicles and other cooling, tasty treats. Our favorite, though, is a way to get wet and cool and have a little thrill at the same time. That’s right, we’re talking about water slides!

That’s the experience the people in this video. A large group of friends was enjoying the day, cooling off and having fun. Then a group went to ride the slide, while the rest gathered around to watch them sail into the lake. Well, the group on the slide made it to the bottom all right, but something went a little wrong when they got there. This moment’s one of those you just have to see for yourself, so here it is.
That poor pup! Don’t worry, he was OK! You can even see him dog paddling away quite calmly at the end. So the question becomes— did the dog do it on purpose?

Let’s break it down. When the canine appears on the scene, he doesn’t join the crowd watching and waiting, like we’d expect him to do. No, instead he seems to strategically position himself at the very end of the slide.

He doesn’t wait long before moving quickly onto to the slide itself. It kind of seems like he even looks first to make sure the inner tube is coming.

He clearly sees that the inner tube is approaching, but he doesn’t try to scramble out of the way, as most dogs would do when they see something quickly barreling toward them. Nope, this guy just crouches down and . . . well, you saw what happened next.

Again, it’s important to know that the dog was absolutely OK after getting hit by the inner tube. Actually, looking at that screenshot above is comforting, because it looks to us like the dog was able to twist in midair and kind of control his entry into the water. If you didn’t know what came before, you’d probably guess that this pup was just jumping into the water of his own accord! So I guess the question becomes— did the dog mean to do this?

So what do you think? Was this intentional, or an accident with a thankfully good outcome? Do you have water slides like this one where you live? Has your dog ever done anything like this before?

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