Videos This Upside-Down Cafe in Germany Is Confusing The Hell Out Of Tourists

Don’t be confused. That’s the actual photo and yes, it’s upside down.

This is Toppel’s roadside cafe in Wertheim, Germany.

This new cafe is causing a stir online after opening earlier this year by owners the Toppels.

From the outside, the house appears to be sitting on its roof, while a car dangerously hangs on the garage’s ceiling.

It became an instant hit to tourists, who were confused by the whole layout, but loved the Instagram-tastic photo opportunities.

Its was crazily designed so visitors can take numerous photos looking like their standing on the ceiling when in fact their feet are actually on the ground.

And they have been sharing their photos on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re still baffled, here’s a short clip on how the fascinating coffee house.

[Source: Youtube]

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