“Uptown Funk” Treadmill Dance Is Too Cool To Be True

Working out isn’t always necessarily a “fun” activity for everyone, it really all depends on the person but there’s a large portion of the population that only see it as a means to an end. With that being said it doesn’t mean you can’t look for ways to make it more entertaining, and apparently one of the newest (and probably best) options out there is by figuring out a dance routine to your current favorite song featuring a treadmill.

What this guy manages to do during his light cardio workout while Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk is playing is absolutely mind boggling, and definitely something you’ll want to try out the next time you’re on a run!

He flips, twists, turns and skips through the whole routine in a way that wouldn’t look nearly as cool if performed in a straight line out in public, but luckily the treadmill adds that stationary element. If you do decide to attempt something like this you should probably keep in mind that your local gym won’t look too kindly on one of their treadmills breaking down because you failed in your acrobatics, so it’s definitely an “at your own risk” type of workout/activity, but it’ll make the time pass by quicker and more enjoyably so you take the good with the bad.

[Source: Youtube]

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