Three-Year-Old With Speech Delay Bravely Calls 911 For An Ambulance When His Mom Collapses

Calling 911 in the United States will get you a connection to a dispatcher who can get you help quickly. Guy, a three-year-old, bravely called 911 when his mother collapsed while having a seizure. Most children his age would have cried or may have done nothing at all.

Guy, who has speech delays, remained calm and got the help his mommy needed! In the video below, you will meet Guy and his mom. There are clips from the actual 911 call that Guy made too. Guy’s mom said he is a very smart little boy and has a lot of patience. The whole family is very grateful for the quick thinking actions of this young hero!

This is an amazing story especially when you find out how Guy found himself living with his mom – she didn’t give birth to him! They both saved each other!

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[Source: Youtube]

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