This Teacher Put Cycling Machines Under Every Desk To Get Kids To Focus

When I was a child, I could barely sit still for more than 10 seconds, let alone an entire hour. If Bethany Lambeth from Wake County was my math teacher, that probably would have changed fairly quickly. Math isn't the most interesting of subjects for most kids, and in her time, Lambeth has tried everything to stop kids from fidgeting.

But this school year, she might just have found the correct solution. Lambeth managed to convince a private donor to fit a cycling machine under every desk in her class. Her hope? That it'll help kids focus on their equations. 

And for the most part, it seems to be working:

"I think the world is changing a lot and the kids need to be able to do something different," Lambeth said. "What we've been doing is not necessarily working."

"Before, they were drumming on their desks, they were touching other people, they don't do that anymore. Their feet are getting the movement out. There has been a huge increase in the quality of our student's work and a decrease in the amount of missing work."

"(The kids) are not picking on each other, they are not needing to walk around, they are not needing to go explore, they are able to get their activity out and get their work done,"

And her students seem to be enjoying it too. "It keeps me exercising and focused," one said. While another, who pedaled 5.5 miles and burned 133 calories before 10 a.m. said: "I'm a really energetic person, so this takes all my energy out."

Each machine costs $150, but school officials think that's a small price to pay. They want to see what kind of affect they'd have in Special Education classes.

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