This Old Dog Walks 4 Miles Every Day Just To Say Hi To Everyone In Town

Bruno, an older dog living in Minnesota, US, was found as a stray and has always loved traveling around. His owner, Larry LaVallee, decided to keep the wandering pup when he came across him over a decade ago, and now this nomadic pooch is famous.

At first, Larry, concerned about Bruno’s safety when he always went missing (but always came back), tried to chain up the dog, but Bruno hated it.

So now, Larry lets Bruno roam free and every single day Bruno walks 4 miles to the nearest town just to say “Hi!” to everyone who lives there, from the ice cream shop to local offices. People often call Larry to say his dog is missing, but he just laughs and reassures them that this wise old pup knows the way home.

Bruno is now so famous in the town, they’ve named him the town’s dog ambassador and erected a statue of Bruno to honor his wandering ways. You can watch his full story below.

[Source: Youtube]

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