This Is How Much Lads Would Pay To Go On A Date With Margot Robbie

It's common knowledge that most lads would do just about anything to go on a date with Margot Robbie. A lot of those guys would, as the age old Internet comment goes, drag their bollocks through 50 miles of broken glass just to smell her farts.

But how much would they pay to go on a date with the Australian bombshell?
Up until reading this 'research', I assumed that you literally couldn't but a price on Margot, but apparently you can. The Sun reported that a study had been conducted to see how much money people would put on priceless situations - including a date with the Suicide Squad star.

They found that in order to take the actress' hand and head out for a meal and few drinks, lads were willing to splash up to £41,317 for the privilege. That means that at the rate I'm saving, by 2078 I'd have just about half of what I'd need.

The study also found that women were willing to spend £20,379 to go on a one off date with Idris Elba.

The study, which basically looked at what kind of monetary value people would put on things, also found that 51 percent of Brits would happily start a new life altogether, with average Brit willing to pay a staggering £8.7 million to do so.

Findings also showed that people were willing to spend £218,236 on a happy marriage, with a further £164,859 to make sure their partner never cheated.

But fuck all that, give me a mute button that is directly connected to Michael Owen and you can have all of my money.

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Source : The LAD Bible

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