This 5-Year-Old Has The Cutest Way Of Pumping Up His Younger Brother For A Baseball Game

We might’ve found the sweetest older brother in the world!

While helping his little brother into a baseball uniform, Dax, 5, asks: “Able, are you a baseball player or a kid?” And three-year-old Able replies in his toughest voice, “I’m a baseball player!”

He makes his young(er) prodigy repeat it two more times before heading out of the door, yelling: “Now let’s go show the world what we are.”

Their mum, Quin, said that “the pair have become obsessed with baseball this summer”, running around their house in Parsons, Kansas, pretending they’re players for the Houston Astros.

“They weren’t even headed to a formal game,” she added. “It was just an imaginary game in our garden and Dax had just helped Able get dressed in a baseball uniform like him.”

Watch Dax’s adorable pep talk below:

[Source: Youtube]

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