They Rescued This Cow But They Didn’t Know She Had A Baby. Watch Their Reunion!

Many people don’t believe that animals are capable of having the same love towards their children that humans do, but this video removes all doubt on the matter.

 When Jay Weiner and Ellie Laks, co-owners of The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary, rescued Karma the cow from terrible conditions at a small farm, they had no idea she’d just given birth and had been separated from her calf.

 Karma’s distressed cries through her first night at the sanctuary were enough to make Weiner and Laks investigate further. They soon found out that the mom’s calf had been hidden from them on purpose. They immediately rushed back to rescue her offspring as well, reuniting the grieving mother and her vulnerable baby the following day.

It’s a reunion you just have to see. As soon as Karma sees her little one, she rushes over, desperately trying to reach him through the barrier. This just shows us that the love between a mother and child is the most powerful form of love there is.Thankfully, Karma and her baby don’t have to worry about being separated ever again!

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