The Best Parking Lots For Sitting In Your Car After A Big Fight With Your Wife

 When things get out of hand at home, sometimes it’s best to take a drive and cool it in one of these lots.

1. Parking Lot With The Walgreens And The Staples

 This lot is basically the perfect location for sitting for 20 seconds, pounding the steering wheel, and pounding it again. All the businesses close early, so you’re guaranteed to have your privacy, whether the horn goes off in the heat of things or you just end up muttering comebacks under your breath for half an hour!

2. Shell Gas Station Parking Lot On Clarke

 It’s usually pretty deserted here, so there’s no one to look over at you while you steam in silence and think about that thing your wife said right before you slammed the door shut. Added bonus: There are no security cameras to make you feel like you have to leave.

3. Parking Lot By Togo’s

 This one is the perfect location. Not so close that you’ll risk running into your neighbors, but not so far that when your wife does finally call it’ll end up taking a long time to get back home. And if you let your phone go to voicemail twice before starting the engine, she’ll end up the ideal amount of concerned!

4. The Strip Mall With The Domino’s Parking Lot

 A hidden gem. It’s well-lit, and there are usually one or two cars parked there that are empty, so you don’t feel like the only one around. Best part? The cars look pretty expensive, so the fact that they’re parked there late at night doesn’t make the place feel creepy.

5. Calvary Church Parking Lot On Saratoga

 If you do prefer an isolated location, this place is easily one of the best. If you’re here past seven, the place is basically deserted, which means you could punch your car horn a few times without anyone really noticing.

6. Safeway Parking Lot On Elm

This one puts you right next to a 24-hour supermarket, so if you want to get out of your car, go inside, and walk around, you totally can. It’s a big enough store where no one will get upset if you don’t buy anything, but if you end up getting hungry, it definitely carries all the snacks your wife doesn’t want you to buy.

7. Right Outside Paddy’s Pub

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