Surveillance Video Shows How Easily You Can Get Robbed Without Knowing It

Some people would argue that the best way to stop crime isn’t going to be to track down the criminals and stop them ahead of time.

Hunting down would-be perpetrators would be pretty tough for police or an average civilian for that matter, but there is one way to help prevent yourself from being a victim of a terrible crime… and that’s knowing exactly what to watch out for.

So many times people have no idea they’ve been robbed until it’s already way too late. And as you can see in the following video posted to Facebook by The City of Roseville Police Department, it only takes a few seconds of looking away to lose everything.

In the video, titled “Grocery Store Purse Pirate”, we see a woman in pink pretend to walk around and shop for produce.

In reality, she’s tracking down innocent victims like the woman in the white shirt, who left her purse or wallet in the cart while she browses. If she had just tucked it somewhere safer or had it on her person, the criminal would have likely never bothered with her.

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