Steven Tyler Meets A Devastated Fan In A Drug Store. What He Does Is Incredibly Kind.

Here we have a young lad who had the best day ever when he was surprised by one of his idols. Anthony Yorfido had attempted to get tickets to the Aerosmith concert in Ontario, but was crushed when he found out they were all sold out. Anthony has down syndrome and was walking into a drug store one day, when both him and his mom saw a limo pull up to the store. Inside, a famous face appeared. He was shopping for a back brace.

Anthony was blown away when he realized who it was. His mother tells of the amazing encounter and her son’s reaction:

“He goes, ‘Oh, my God! Steven Tyler, is that you?’”

Indeed it was. Anthony ran up to Tyler, then gave him a huge hug! Tyler in turn hugged and kissed him right back! Then he asked if they would be making it to the Aerosmith show.

Anthony’s mom explained to Steven about how her son tried to get tickets but they were all sold out.

Tyler right away replied:

“Oh, don’t worry about that, you guys are coming with me. I’ll get you backstage passes.”

But it didn’t end there.

Anthony ended up rocking out with his new buddy, rock star Steven Tyler! Naturally the guy had the absolute night of his life! On stage in front of thousands of fans, next to the man himself, this was definitely a huge chapter in this dude’s life, and one that he’s always going to remember fondly of. What a great guy Tyler is for making all of this happen!

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