South Park Season 20 Trailer Reveals Insane Stats About The Show

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are 10 days away from finally showing the world the 20th season of South Park and I don't think there's a fan who isn't super excited about it.

For sheer consistency it has to be one of the best comedies ever created, right?

Anyway, to mark the show making it to its 20th season, Parker and Stone released the following trailer commemorating some of the outrageous figures about the show.

Some of these are insane...
[Source: Youtube]
You cannot be serial!? Those stats are insane. Especially the one about 46 billion minutes of South Park being watched last year. And that'll just be the legally watched shit too.

Also, that Kanye episode is arguably the greatest 25 minutes of television ever created.

Here's to the 20th season. I'm 100% sure it won't disappoint. It airs on September 14th.

Featured image credit: South Park Studios

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