PewDiePie Suspended From Twitter For ISIS Tweet

 This week, in weird gaming news: Felix Kjellberg, also known as the ridiculously popular YouTuber PewDiePie recently had his Twitter account suspended for joking that he’d joined ISIS. 

While jesting about joining a deadly terrorist group is usually laugh-a-minute stuff, Twitter obviously decided that wasn’t the case – but how did all this weirdness start?
 Funnily enough, it all began because PewDiePie decided to remove his Twitter verification, ‘as a joke’ towards users who see it as a status symbol of some kind.

Soon after, an account parodying Sky News claimed that PewDiePie lost his verification because of ‘suspected relations with ISIS’.

As a result of that article, the YouTuber thought it’d be funny to reference the claims in a tweet, ‘confirming’ that he and fellow YouTuber JackSepticEye had indeed gone over to ISIS.
Obviously PewDiePie forgot that the internet is often a scary and very stupid place. His account was reinstated, but it really was (obviously) a whole lot of fuss over nothing.

PewDiePie explained all the recent madness himself in a new video, which you can watch below. In it, he confirms that everything is fine, and that perhaps social media is getting out of hand.

He said:

I’m fairly certain social media is making us all retarded. Yesterday, Twitter went full retard. 
[Source: Youtube]
Instead of a blue checkmark, PewDiePie now has an image of a globe next to his name and all his tweets – something he also suggests his followers should get.

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