Once You See How Gummies Are Made You'll Never Want To Eat Them Again

 I love gummy bears. Sour gummy worms. Sour patch kids watermelon. Haribo peach rings. Twin Snakes. Twin Cherries. Haribo anything. Black Forest. The gourmet Albanese ones you find on Marshalls while you're online paying for discounted sneakers and track shorts. I'm in love and obsessed with all types of gummy candies.

And I know that they're terrible for you. I know that they're all made out of pure sugar and that they, along with cakes and breads and other nummy things I love eating are keeping me from the body that I dream about having on a daily basis.

But they're so good that denying myself from their amazingness is very, very difficult for me.

And pretty much all gummy snacks (not SPKs though) are made out of gelatin. Which I stayed away from when I was a good Muslim boy.
Gelatin's an animal byproduct, and it requires an insane chemical process to breakdown, so some religious peeps argue that pork gelatin can be kosher for Muslims since it's not really swine meat.

Which was all the news I need to chow down on all the delicious gummies out there in the world.

But I have to be honest, after seeing this video of how gummy bears are made, I'm gonna have to stay away from them for a while. I don't care how high I get.

Thanks for ruining everything, knowledge of things.

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