No One Buys Twin’s Teddy Bear For Sale, Until Angelina Jolie Pulls Up In Her Car

On Sunday, Angelina Jolie Pitt purchased an 8 1/2-foot teddy bear, called "Big Bear," from a few children selling it on the street. 

The whole encounter couldn't have been sweeter. 

According to TMZ, the two twin boys, both 8 years old, were selling the bear for $50 on the side of the road in Toluca Lake, California. However, no one stopped. Nobody appeared to care. 

Then suddenly a white cadillac pulled over and out popped Angie and her daughter Shiloh. Angie handed $50 to each of the young entrepreneurs, doubling their asking price and subsequently making their day.

You can see their reactions in the video below.

[Source: Youtube]

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