Newborn Baby Falls from Counter, But Is Caught with One Hand by Quick Thinking Hospital Receptionist in Front of Terrified Father

Having a baby in the family is a precious gift that no parent would want to lose.

A newborn baby was almost fatally injured when he fell from the carrier he was in from the top of a hospital counter if not for the quick thinking receptionist who managed to catch him and save the day.

Hospital receptionist Leonardo Araujo was at the counter when father Carlos Henrique put down baby Enzo’s carrier at a hospital in Teofilo Otoni, Brazil. The carrier then flipped to the side, sending Enzo falling to the ground in front of the horrified father. Thankfull, Araujo was able to grab him just in the nick of time.

I think my heart skipped a beat from watching this.

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[Source: Youtube]

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