Watch This Biker Get Rear-Ended By His Own Mother And His Hilarious Reaction

“Drive safe, watch out for idiots.”

A parting word turned into a funny and ironic message from a mother to a son on Sept. 15.

A video posted to youtube entitled “My own mom rear ended me on my harley!”

The video depicts the uploader, one “HD Jake”, referred to as Jacob in the video, recording himself going for a drive.

The video begins with him and his mother speaking about a person with conjunctivitis and then shows Jacob leaving while his mother says goodbye.

As the video proceeds, it shows Jacob riding his motorcycle for about two minutes until his mother rear-ends him, and he released a string of expletives, including one particularly loud “god damn it, Mom!”

The video was removed and then reuploaded, with the details surrounding the original in the description, the original description read: “the accident happaned in kent WA and my mom was doing about 30 to 35mph when she hit me! this just happaned hours ago it is 9/15/16.”

The mother then starts profusely apologizing and says she didn’t see her son, but maybe HD Jake’s quiet “get off your f**king phone,” spoken to the car in front of him was more prophetic than he knew.

[Source: Youtube]

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