Autoshop Mechanic Saw A Google Street View Car And Decided To Stage A Murder Scene

This has got to be the funniest police confrontation ever. Dan Thompson, 56, owns Tomson Motor on Giles Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. When he saw a Google street mapping car looping around the block, Mr.Thompson thought of the perfect prank. He had one minute to rush back into his garage where he grabbed a pick axe handle to set up his murder scene. The mechanic decided to lay on the road while his colleague stood over him with the pick axe handle. The whole scene was a setup for the Google car and it was a completely harmless prank. Until one day, a web user saw the image and made a complaint.

The incident happened in August 2012, but it wasn’t until a whole year later, once the pictures had been uploaded on Google, that the police were alerted.

Thankfully, the police were lenient when they visited Mr.Thompson, and did not give him a hard time. In fact, they had found it funny. Dan and his colleague apologized for the police’s waste of time.

[Source: Youtube]

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