Mom finds young daughters’ bedroom on live streaming app

As parents, we would do anything in our power to protect our children. However, what if we discovered that we were unknowingly allowing strangers not only into the privacy of our homes - but into our children's bedrooms? This horrific reality is a critical eye-opener to all parents of young children in these modern times.

Many families rely on the use of surveillance cameras inside of the home to promote a safer environment, and to allow us to "keep an eye" on our little ones at all times. Unfortunately, these cameras also have the capability to be extremely dangerous.

A Houston, Texas mom named Jennifer thought she was keeping her twin daughters safe by setting up a security camera in their bedroom. However, little did she know, she was actually putting them in harm's way. The safety camera that she installed had been hacked into, and the private footage of this unaware family was being made to stream live on the Internet. Personal moments for her children and for her family had been made public - a terrifying discovery for Jennifer. She explained in an interview with ABC News,

    "We have security cameras to protect them, and I feel like I failed because I'm not protecting them."

She went on to say,

    "People are watching my kids in their home. Dressing, sleeping, playing. It's your parent's worst nightmare."

The purposeful and thoughtful precautions taken by Jennifer to ensure the safety of her children were unraveled in the blink of an eye.

It was the kindness of a complete stranger, another mother over 2000 miles away, that brought this unimaginable violation into the light. When the stranger discovered the personal footage on a live stream viewing site, she immediately created a Facebook post on a Houston Mom's page - hoping to find the family involved. Thankfully, the message eventually reached Jennifer.

ABC News explains that unfortunately this is not an isolated case. Devastating scenarios such as this occur daily all over the Internet... affecting countless innocent victims.

Many of us would like to know - how can something like this happen? Kevin Haley explains in an interview with ABC News,

    "If the system is connected to the Internet, then it's vulnerable to attack. And most of these systems have not been designed to be secure - so they offer multiple opportunities for somebody that knows what they're doing to break into them."

In this particular case, the hacker was able to access Jennifer's home camera system through her children's online video game. A scary and sickening thought for all parents, as online games are extremely common now-a-days.

Jennifer's story is an important reminder that one can never be too cautious or proactive when it comes to ensuring the safety of our children, family, and of ourselves. The Internet is powerful, and can cause great damage. We must all be aware of the dangers associated with the presence of the Internet in our homes.

What happened to Jennifer and her family - can happen to anyone. Share this story with your loved ones, and help spread awareness of the potential dangers involved with home camera systems and the Internet.

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