Mailman doesn't have any mail for a local dog, writes a personal letter for the dog instead

 Even in this digital age, there’s something thrilling about receiving snail mail (that isn’t bills or statements) that even our dog friends enjoy. For Pippa the pooch, bringing in her family’s mail is the ultimate fulfillment, and on some days she even gets her own!
Every day, Pippa runs outside to greet her postman friend, Martin Studer, who hands her the mail to deliver to her owners.
 Dogs like to feel appreciated, so days where there is no mail for Pippa to give to her family might not excite her as much. Studer says he must improvise to prevent her enthusiasm from going to waste. To do so, he writes small letters and notes addressed to Pippa, and watches as she happily trots away with her daily haul.
 Nothing beats getting a handwritten letter from a friend in the mail. Pippa is definitely one lucky pup!

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