Locals are very hateful, so man buys house across from them and paints it every color as revenge

The Westboro Baptist Church leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. You’d think as a church, their mission would be to spread lessons in love and faith, not hateful vitriol about who can love who in the name of their faith. This punchable group of hateful people got a nasty shock when Aaron Jackson bought the house in front of their church.
Jackson was well-known for his charity work in Haiti. Most churches would be pleased that such a great person would live near them, but the Westboro Baptists are anything but happy. Jackson’s decorating tastes probably didn’t sit well with the Westboro congregation as he chose to paint it with all the colors of the rainbow to mimic the colors of the Gay Pride flag. “Location, location. I bought the house for the view,” he said. As far as neighborly pranks goes, this one really has to take the cake. At the very least, it should win some sort of prize.
Jackson’s rainbow house on the corner stands as an island of acceptance in the toxic environment the church’s presence has in the community. Ever the altruist, he plans to run an anti-bullying campaign out of the “Rainbow House.” The church released its own hateful statement against it, but it doesn’t really matter what they feel. Their view from now on will be a little bit more colorful whether they like it or not.
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