Lad Leaves Haunting Facebook Status Three Hours Before Being Killed By Train

 A schoolboy was struck by a train just hours after posting a chilling message on Facebook claiming he'd 'lost' in the game of life.

Lee Ridgway left the eerie message on his Facebook at 9.55pm on Sunday, August 28 before being found dead three hours later on the tracks near Bramhall railway station, Greater Manchester.

Friends and family paid tributes to the 16-year-old lad, who'd only just discovered his GCSE results three days prior to his death.
 The family of the Cheadle Hulme High School student said in a statement: "Lee was a brilliant, kind, clever and popular person to all who knew him and will be greatly missed."

British Transport Police are now investigating the matter before passing all the information on to a coroner.

A vigil was held for Lee by his fellow pupils where lanterns were lit and sent into the sky, as well as flowers being placed where his body was found.
Annabelle Hilton, one of his friends from school, said on Facebook: "RIP Lee Ridgway, one of the nicest, caring, popular and most genuine lads I knew. No matter how much I acted like you annoyed me when you nicked all my stuff in maths, you were the reason I looked forward to it because you made me laugh so much. Deffo owe you a fiver, too, there was no chance I was gonna get higher in my maths GCSE than you, considering you had to help me on every question.

"Such a massive loss. RIP Lee, you will be missed by so many."

RIP lad.

Source : The LAD Bible
Featured image credit: Facebook

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