Man Volunteers To Play With A Lonely Kid. Then He Discovers This Moments Later… WOW!

Robie McNulty, a 14-year-old boy, loves basketball. On one lovely day, he was shooting hoops on a neighborhood basketball court on his own. Suddenly, a man walks up to him and asks is he could join him in the game.

Unknown to the boy, the stranger was Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas is a Boston Celtics basketball player. It was an act of kindness from the celebrated basketball player. It reminds me of when Travis Rudolph enjoyed a slice of pizza with an autistic boy.

Robbie said that he saw a tall person approaching him while he is playing on the court but he did not think that it would be Isaiah Thompson. I realized it was him when he was halfway through the court, and he was staring at me.

Thomas invited the boy to be a guest at his game. The disbelief on the boy’s face cannot be described using words.

How humbling is it for big celebrities who are down to earth. Thomas shooting hoops with a regular kid is not a usual occurrence.

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