Horrifying Moment A Great White Shark Circles Father And Son During Boat Trip

Even though shark attacks are a pretty rare occurrence, people are still naturally terrified of the giant sea predator. Especially when they’re in a small boat being circled by a great white!

This dad and son’s boat trip took a terrifying turn when a great white shark suddenly appeared and circled their small boat. The 8-year-old kid and father stayed calm as they filmed the powerful beast cautiously swimming around them.

Great White Shark Circles Their Small Boat

The father estimated that the shark was about 20 feet long and said it circled their boat for roughly 15 minutes before finally swimming away. The dad can be heard saying in the video, “He’s hungry! And he thinks we’re dinner.” — Glad that he has such a grim sense of humor.

Great White Shark Circles Father And Son Boat Trip

Man, The Jaws reboot looks pretty anticlimactic.

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[Source: Youtube]

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