Guy Hilariously Trolls Online Blackjack Dealers By Calling Himself “P. Ness”

No one likes a troll on the internet, but if it’s a ridiculously funny troll, we love it.

Peter Ness aka, P. Ness, plays (and trolls) online blackjack.

P. Ness pays each unsuspecting dealer a visit and when they greet Mr. P. Ness they can’t help but pause for a second once they realize what they just said.

Once the dealers figure it out, it’s extremely hard for them not to laugh and smirk at Mr. P. Ness’s name. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Besides this being funny as hell, can we all take time an acknowledge that there’s an online blackjack with real people sitting in front of a cam streaming the cards.

What the hell, what year is this?? Did I skip a few decades?!

[Source: Youtube]

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