Guy Can’t Kiss Girlfriend In Public Because People Think He Is A Paedophile

 If this is true then the humanity I gained yesterday from reading about how an American Footballer chose to sat with an autistic kid during a school trip is now lost again.

Here goes... A man in Plymouth has claimed that he fears leaving his house after being slammed as a paedophile because his 32-year-old girlfriend looks too young.
 It's a sensitive topic, paedophilia. For Shakey Finks, 42, the abuse and allegations he has received has all become too much.

Finks was reportedly told by police to carry a photocopy of his girlfriend's proof of identity as evidence that she is not underage, reports the Mirror.

I'm not quite sure if Jessica Stevens should be flattered or terrified by the recent assertions made by passers by but for Finks it's an insult to his relationship and a personal attack.
The torment has got so bad for Finks, with threats and vile abuse escalating further when photos of him were circulated around local schools claiming that he "rapes little boys in Stonehouse and little girls in Devonport."

Finks reportedly went to the local police to have a voluntarily full background check done, which came back clean.

"I haven't been arrested or charged with anything in my life. I go into town and mothers grab their children close," said Finks. "Jessica is very small, petite and doesn't look her age - that's where all this has come from."

His youthful girlfriend, too, has had enough and has allegedly been to the police herself three times in the last six months. "One lady told him to get away from her kids and said that his photo had been circulated around the local schools," Stevens said. "This has deeply upset us both as these allegations are wholly untrue, and has caused us both to suffer from anxiety and depression."

Let's hope this all gets fixed soon.

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