Extraordinary 'UFO Footage' Surely Proves We Are Not Alone In The Universe

A dramatic video filmed in Malaysia by locals has emerged online and it seems to show a black UFO flying low overheads. This is Independence Day shit.

If the footage is real and not edited in any way, then maybe aliens do exist after all and I shouldn't have been so quick to question this lady who claimed she was abducted by aliens.

Among the long list of videos which claim to show that aliens really do exist, including the man who claims to have filmed an 'alien humanoid', is this clip which shows a UFO flying terrifyingly low in a village near Kuala Krai, Malaysia.

The intimidating object hovers to show bright-white light flooding from the middle of the 'flying saucer'. It flies over and disappears into the distance. Moments later, it turns on its axis and glides back.
What do you think, real or fake? Welcome to Earth!

Featured image credit: 20th Century Fox
Source: The LAD Bible

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