Ex On The Beach Star Gets Flour Bombed On Night Out

Apparently, this assault comes after a recent episode of Ex On The Beach (which is a thing on MTV, I’m told) which featured Holly getting into a fight of her own, when she set upon Jemma Lucy (someone else on the show, allegedly).

Holly herself was quick to fire back on her Twitter page following the flour bombing incident.

And, to be fair, she seemed to take it all in good humour: 

Maybe the ghost dinosaur look is going to become a thing now? You know what the fashion industry is like, after all…

Worryingly, Holly isn’t even the first celebrity to be attacked in this way – Kim Kardashian suffered the same fate at the hands of anti-fur protesters, while Adam Levine also got doused in sugar by a prankster.

As funny as this may seem though, it’s pretty cowardly to assault a woman in public, no matter how shit her TV show might be. 

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