Dwayne Johnson Gives An Exclusive First Look At His Character For 'Jumanji'

At this point in Dwayne Johnson's acting career there's no point in asking whether or not he'll be able to take on a role. He will be able to, end of.

The Rock has been dropping small and infrequent hints about the upcoming Jumanji film. The hints are so small and infrequent, in fact, that nobody knows whether it's a sequel, a prequel, a continuation, a remake, a reboot or what.

His latest hint is the most revealing, however, as he's taken to Instagram to show off the conceptual piece of art of his character, 'The Smouldering' Dr Bravestone.
In the film, Johnson will once again be appearing alongside Kevin Hart after the pair struck up a bromance on the set of Central Intelligence. They'll be joined by Jack Black, Nick Jonas and Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan.

It's a surprising line up, but one that will hopefully work.

But, as he's alluded to it in his post, where the fuck have his pecs gone?

Jumanji is due to hit UK cinemas next year on July 28.

Source : The LAD Bible

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