Dad Uses A Drone To Make His Little Girl Take Her Vitamins

Parents will do and try just about anything to get their kids to listen and do what they’re told, but one Canadian dad just went above and beyond to get his little girl to take her vitamins each morning.

Every morning, Montreal dad David struggled to get his adorable little girl to take her vitamins as they rushed to get out the door. No matter what he did or tried to bribe her with, nothing would work until he finally figured out the perfect, albeit extreme way to make taking her daily vitamin gummies more fun.

David works as a videographer and loves using drones to capture stunning areal footage, and one day it hit him that he could use a mini drone in the house to make his daughter’s mornings a bit more fun.

In the video, David takes his new mini drone, which he can easily fly in the house, attaches some tape to the drone, and then sticks his little girl’s colorful gummy vitamins to the end of the tape.

As expected, his daughter was thrilled when she saw the tiny drone fly through the house, and was happy to pick the vitamins off the tape.

Watch the entire video below to see the hilarious way this dad gets his little girl to take her vitamins every morning.

[Source: Youtube]

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