Couple with dwarfism adopt child with disability so they can be proof that disability can be overcome

Kara and Adam Ayers both have dwarfism. They also both have a refreshing perspective on their shared condition and what they can offer the world as parents. All their lives people questioned their abilities to be good parents. When Kara was pregnant, people would question her ability to carry her baby to term or even carry the carseat to her vehicle. The well-intentioned concern was entirely misplaced. Despite a high-risk birth, the Ayers welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Hannah, into the world. After their first child, the Ayers wanted to welcome another child into their thriving family. They wanted a child with a disability.
The Ayers are a model of self-acceptance and what that self-love can do for you. They really are a testament to what that kind of energy can do for you and those around you. Their family is a loving, supporting environment which is why they wanted to adopt a child with a disability. Kara says that “hopefully we’d be models to [their adopted child].” They wanted to show this child that his or her condition is not something to sweep under the rug or be ashamed about.
The Ayer’s incredible attitude led them up to adopting Eli from China. Eli also has a form of dwarfism, and no one could be better parents and role models than Kara and Adam. Their meeting at the airport was a special moment. When Hannah met her new brother, they all knew this was meant to be.
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