Couple buys 108-pounds of meat and cooks a barbecue feast for Louisiana flood victims

 If you haven’t heard, over the weekend a huge flood ripped through Baton Rouge, Louisiana destroying over 40,000 homes, claiming at least six lives. Since the flooding, roughly 20,000 individuals have already been rescued in the span of a few days.
8,000 of the rescued individuals are currently living in shelters scattered throughout Louisiana since they have no home to return to. Hearing about the Baton Rouge flooding, a man across the Mississippi River is doing his best to help the victims by feeding them.

 Christian Dornhorst arrived to work at Dow Chemical around 7am on Monday when he requested to have the day off to feed the Baton Rouge victims. His boss upon hearing his motive happily agreed.
Dornhost then went to a local Sam’s Club with his family where they spent over $850 on 108 pounds of meat. Dornhorst said, “By 9, I had the food at Sam’s Club,” and “By 11, my wife had seasoned it up.”
 By the time he purchased all the food, there was one small problem he didn’t think about. Where do I bring all this food? Knowing that the brisket had to be in the smoker by noon to be ready by the time dinner rolls around, he decided to multi-task to be able to make it in time for dinner.
Multi-tasking meant throwing his whole griller, flame smoking and all in the back of his truck as he drove around looking for shelters. Noon eventually came around and no sights of any shelters…
Dornhorst eventually pulled over to a parking lot because the brisket had to be thrown into the smoker when a curious business owner came by and directed Dornhorst to the Media Centre (a shelter for the victims).
 By the time Dornhorst got to the Media Centre the meat was already smoking behind him. Workers at the Centre sent the family straight to the sound stage where they were serving food “non-stop” ever since.
The family was cooking to the grills’ maximum capacity the whole time. Chicken and sausage cooked on two small grills while three full pot roasts in another chamber and briskets being smoked in the final chamber. Unfortunately, by the time 7 p.m. came around, all 108 pounds of meat was consumed. 
 The father said it was a nice serving all these people, the young, old, black people and white people- they all happily lined up for barbecue.
Dornhorst also said he was glad his daughter came along because, “I brought my 4-year-old so she could see what it’s like when you don’t have a bed.” A tough, but very caring father.
When asked about the reasoning behind his kind gesture he said, “The Lord blessed us with all of these things,” looking at his truck, his smoker, and his cooking utensils. “There are enough people suffering here that I can do this to help.”
What a touching story about a family who is making a positive impact on the world. Hats off to Dornhorst family, you have my thanks.

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