Contestant’s Original Song To His Late Brother Has Judges In Tears, His Emotional Audition Will Touch Your Heart.

When Christian Burrows approached judges Simon Cowell, Sharaon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and Nichole Scherzinger for his X Factor UK audition, his nerves were obvious. To be in the same room with such massive superstars is obviously intimidating, but to audition for them? The 19-year-old was shaking in his shoes. But things only get worse for Christian when Simon Cowell cut him off only a few seconds into his cover of John Denver’s “Country Road,” questioning his song choice.

Simon asks what brought him to the X Factor, and Christian says he was inspired by Ed Sheeran. Simon comes back saying “You know with him it’s all about the songs.” Christian agrees, saying he writes his own songs as well. That’s when Simon asks to hear a Christian Burrows-original. He is obviously taken aback for a second. He wasn’t planning on singing an original song but he agrees. “Only my mom has ever heard it.” he says, tentatively. “But I feel like I’m ready.”

The sweet singer is obviously close with his family– he tells the cameras that he wants to win the X Factor so that he can get his large family out of the tiny house. So it’s no surprise that his original song is about family… But it’s more emotional than the judges could have ever expected.

The song, called “Thunder Bird,” was written in memory of Christian’s late brother Nathan. Nathan passed away when Christian was 2 years old, and in the song Christian imagines what they’re friendship might be like today if Nathan were still alive. It’s a truly, truly beautiful song and a heart-wrenching audition, “It was very brave to share that song,” says Simon. “Thank you for sharing that with us.”

Watch the emotional audition below.
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