Cat Rescued Hours Before Being Euthanized, Now He Can’t Stop Thanking The Woman Who Saved Him.

An Australian rescue group called Cat Rescue Newcastle, Or CRN, is dedicated to rescuing cats from local pounds, because they “passionately and firmly believe that all animals deserve a second chance” according to a letter written by Adelle, the woman in the video below. Their latest rescue is a precious little guy named Henry.

Adelle writes that a local pound “put out the call to any available rescue groups,” asking that somebody take Henry in. Henry had been at the pound for a while, and now his time was up. They needed someone to take Henry off their hands or else he’d be euthanized that week. Adelle and her team at CRN scrambled to find someone who could foster Henry until they could get him in a forever home. “That’s when one of our beautiful foster carers, Michelle, stood up and said that she had room in her house but needed transportation assistance. ” writes Adelle. “That’s when we came together as a team to save this beautiful boy.”

Adelle called the pound and told them she would come pick up Henry and deliver him to Michelle as soon as possible. The pound said Henry was scheduled to be put to sleep on Friday. Adelle made it to the pound just in time– Friday morning, mere hours before his life would have ended! When she got him in her car, he immediately expressed his gratitude by cuddling her face and giving her kisses. It was as if Henry knew that Adelle and her team had saved his life!

Watch the sweet moment below.
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