Barcelona Youth Soccer Player Abruptly Stops Celebrating, Runs Over To Console Sobbing Opponent. Inspires World With Compassion.

The Junior Soccer World Challenge is basically a little kid’s version of the FIFA World Cup. Teams from around the world compete for the championship trophy… In other words, it’s a really big deal. And every player participating was born after January 1st, 2004, meaning each little athlete is under the age of 12!

This year, the pre-teen players gathered in Tokyo for the tournament. The Barcelona Team and the Japanese Team were facing off. Last year, when the Japanese team faced Barcelona, they won, and eventually ended up winning the entire tournament! But the two years prior, Barcelona had been the reigning champs. So this was the match everyone had been waiting for. A lot was riding on this game!

In the end, Barcelona came out victorious, winning 1-0. But their win isn’t the coolest part of the story; the best part is that right after their victory, they noticed the Japanese boys were distraught. So they stopped celebrating and instead turned to console the heartbroken boys.

It’s so touching to watch the Barcelona players love on the Japanese players! These young boys don’t even speak the same language, but they have a beautiful connection: their shared love of the game.

Watch the video below to see the tender interaction.

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