Baby kisses Dad's grave. 8 years later, learns Dad died a war hero and tries on his army jacket

Jeff Kettle, a Green Beret, was killed in combat in Afghanistan back in 2007. He left behind a loving wife and a 15-month-old son named Logan.
Logan Kettle, now 9-years-old, is now old enough to understand what his Dad’s sacrifice meant for his country. However, when he thinks about his Dad, he wishes that he could have his Dad’s uniform jacket, which disappeared without a trace after his death. Hearing Logan’s wish, his uncle Clay went on a wild goose chase in search of the mysterious jacket. But when he couldn’t find it, Clay thought of an idea that would be even better.
Clay, a combat veteran like his brother Jeff, says, “It just kind of hit me in the gut. I always wore my dad’s Air Force jacket.”
Keeping this thought in mind, Clay recreated the jacket for his nephew. He thoroughly studied and examined his brother’s service record and looked at old picture’s of his uniform and created an exact replica by himself. This past week, Clay presented the jacket to Logan.
When Logan saw the jacket, he asked, “Can I put this on?” As he looked in the mirror, wearing the jacket that he has always yearned for, the little boy began to cry.
“It’s been really tough,” Logan says. “I don’t know what it’s like to have a dad. Everyone else in my class has a dad. Their dads are so great and I bet mine was greater.”
Logan continues, “If he wasn’t in this world, we wouldn’t be standing here today.”
“Him, and men like him,” his Uncle Clay adds.
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