Ariel Winter Completely Stole Kylie Jenner’s See-Through Look At The Emmys

Ariel Winter showed up to the Emmys looking absolutely stunning.

She rocked a gorgeous bedazzled see-through dress with matching silver earrings and heels.

DAMN GIRL, you lookin’ fine.

Ariel made her way down the red carpet and pretty much burned the place down. She looked hotter than fire, OW OWWW.
As beautiful as the “Modern Family” star looked, there’s probably one thing you didn’t notice about her outfit choice…

Ariel actually copied the look Kylie Jenner wore during New York Fashion Week. Ohhhh shit. 

As Twitter points out, Kylie only wore the dress four days ago. Uh oh, do I smell drama?

Ariel’s dress is the longer version of Kylie’s, but besides that, it’s basically identical.
Twitter is roasting Ariel for stealing Kylie Jenner’s style. Sorry girl, but you got busted!

Better luck next time, I guess?

[Source: Youtube]

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