America's Got Some Weird Driving Laws, Here They Are State By State

It seems like there's a traffic law for everything. Seriously, if a cop pulls you over they could pretty much fine you for whatever they feel like fining you if the county is in need of some extra dollars.

This doesn't mean that all traffic laws are absolutely stupid. Of course we don't want a bunch of drunk morons riding around in their cars when they're buzzed out of their minds. Nor do I think it's OK for people to be allowed going 70 miles per hour in a school zone during the day.

But these aren't the laws I'm talking about. I'm talking about the obscure, strange laws that were probably passed because one insane person proposed it and whatever electing body was too busy playing solitaire on their computer or whatever the hell they did years ago when they were bored to strike it down.

I mean, how the hell else do you justify it being illegal for women to pump their own gas in New Mexico? Some of these state driving laws are just absurd.

The folks over at J and S Transportation compiled this handy, dandy list. Just make sure you don't impersonate a member of the clergy in Alabama.

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