8 Unfinished WWE Storylines That Are Still A Mystery Today

 A big part of the fascination that people have with WWE are the interesting, and sometimes outlandish storylines of the characters. There are some WWE storylines that were never finished, and are still a mystery today.

  • Some of the unfinished WWE storylines include:
  • Adam Rose’s bunny
  • Kane versus fake Kane

For whatever reason, these WWE storylines started off strong, and then they were abandoned without a real ending.

Some of these WWE storylines lasted longer than others, but they all fizzled out eventually. Check out these 8 unfinished WWE storylines that still remain a mystery today.

1. The first WWE storyline that was left unfinished is Adam Rose’s bunny. Adam Rose and the gang of Rosebuds never went past ‘novelty act’ status in the WWE. There was a bunny that started getting involved in Rose’s match shenanigans by teasing and attacking Rose’s opponents. The bunny cost Rose a match one week, and Rose beat up the bunny after he lost to R-Truth. This was the last time the bunny appeared on TV, and his identity was never revealed. Justin Gabriel later revealed he was in the bunny suit.
 2. Luke Gallows was signed by WWE in 2005, and made his first appearance in 2006 on TV while still serving time with the Deep South Wrestling developmental territory. He appeared on Raw as a Kane imposter. Wearing The Big Red Machine’s original mask, and ring costume, he came out and chokeslammed the actual Kane during an Intercontinental Title match with Shelton Benjamin. In the next weeks he would attack Kane, and the two finally met in the ring at June’s Vengeance PPV. Fake Kane won, but the story ended the next night on Raw when real Kane attacked the imposter, but the imposter’s identity was never revealed.
 3. The next unfinished WWE storyline is Hade Vansen’s Prophecy. Hade Vansen was a British independent wrestler who earned a WWE tryout with WWE, and he signed with the company. In a December 2008 promo, the theme was sinister with Hade saying he was coming to WWE ‘to fulfill his prophecy’ and that he had ‘dedicated his life to studying the darkness.’ He was being set up to be a creepy cult-leader, but the story never went anywhere. Two weeks later WWE abandoned the storyline, and Vansen never appeared on WWE TV and was released from his contract.
 4. The next WWE storyline that was abandoned is Million Dollar Mania. Vince McMahon came up with the idea in 2008 where he said he would be giving away one million dollars shared between a group of fans every week. Fans were encouraged to sign up online, and fans would win money. It only lasted a few weeks, and then it stopped and was never revisited.
 5. A key moment in the Stonecold Steve Austin/ McMahan story that made Austin an anti hero, was the handicap ladder match with the contract for a controlling stake in WWE was sealed in a briefcase, and then hung above the ring. Austin reached up to get the briefcase but it was snatched away before he could grab it. This gave Shane and Vince the time to recover and win the match. But fans are still wondering who raised the briefcase, and why did they cheat Stone Cold out of a win?
 6. The next unfished WWE storyline was the anonymous Raw General Manager. The story started with intrigue when in June 2010 Bret Hart had been fired as GM. Vince McMahon then revealed a new anonymous GM with Michael Cole acting as his or her spokesperson. The story went on for over a year with the anonymous GM revealing small hints to his or her identity, but the story phased out. The anonymous GM story made a few appearances in 2012 and 2014, but it didn’t stick around.
 7.The Nexus is another storyline that was abandoned. The group of wrestlers arrived as a pack of dangerous NXT rookies in 2010 where Wade Barrett led a group of wrestlers into the ring where they tore apart everything. At its peak, the Nexus vs WWE story was popular, but it stopped when they came in contact with John Cena, and eventually it wasn't continued.
 8. Joe E. Legend had a great reputation as a Canadian and European wrestler before signing with WWE in 2000. He debuted as ‘Just Joe’ , a character that liked to stir the pot in various backstage segments and instigate feuds with other wrestlers. It fizzled out, and Joe was released from his WWE contract in 2001.

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