3-year-old was lost and a mile on home, but his loyal dog protects him until rescuers arrive

Carson Urness, a 3-year-old boy, disappeared from his family’s property in Cooperstown, North Dakota, one evening. His Mom. Courtney, had let him outside to play, but she instructed him to stay close to the house.
Carson, unfortunately, did not follow directions. A little while later, Courtney went outside to check on her son and she discovered the horrifying truth. Her son Carson had gone missing.
Courtney looked around the area for thirty minutes. She shouted Carson’s name, but it was to no avail. However, she also found it stranger that the family dog, Cooper, was also missing.
Before long, a search party of over 200 volunteers was assembled as friends and family members showed up to help in the search for Carson.
After seven hours of searching, the rescuers made a shocking discovery. They found Carson in a bed of tall grass. When they shone their lights down, they noticed that Cooper, the family dog, had covered the boy to protect him from the 40-degree temperatures.
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