You Can Still Visit The First Ever Website On The Internet

 Today marks one of the most important days in world history – the introduction of the World Wide Web.

Back on August 23, 1991, Sir Tim Berners-Lee pressed the button to launch www.’s everywhere and thus fuelled the fire that is the modern world, reports the Huffington Post.

On this day, known as Internaut Day, Tim and his company, Cern, finally handed over the web to the public and promised that it would always be royalty free.

However, despite the trillions (probably more) of changes that the web has brought about, you can still visit the very first website ever in existence – although I hate to be the bringer of an anticlimax but it isn’t too jaw-dropping nowadays.
 Head on over to if you fancy having a gander at the first ever site in the history of sites.

The website claims that ‘The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents’… Catchy. I like it.
Now, as you’d probably expect, the first ever web page is in fact a holding page which helps explain what the world wide web is and how new users can start using it.

However, despite being incredibly dull to our eyes in 2016, it still remains absolutely fascinating that the world wide web – the one thing above all others which dominates our everyday lives – spiralled out of this one boring web page.

Happy birthday, World Wide Web!

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