Wife Takes Note Of Everything Her Husband Says In His Sleep

 It's a shame I don't talk in my sleep, because if I did, and my girlfriend stayed up to listen to me, she'd probably get a better conversation out of me.

Lindsay Stamhuis, a teacher from Edmonton, Canada, not only listens to her husband's sleep talk, but takes note of everything he says during his slumber.

Lindsay got with partner Aidan Hailes in 2003 and he has always had a habit of sleep talking in that time. She texts him what he's been saying the night before, and some of it is pure gold.

"The best thing he's ever done was also the funniest," Lindsay told the Independent. "He was taking a martial arts class, and one night he started telling me that I was his sparring partner. I asked what he meant by sparring partner. He said something to the effect of: 'Like fighting.' So I asked him 'Fighting? How?' And he brought his hand up and tapped it on the end of my nose.

"He literally said 'Boop' when he did it."

I really want to know if I say any funny shit during my sleep.

Source : The LAD Bible

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