Whenever He Squeezes This Parrot's Tummy, She Makes The Funniest Noise!

Parrots are some of the smartest birds on the planet. They love interacting with people and other animals, and are quick to learn new behaviors and tricks. I had a little pet parrot as a kid in India, and it was a truly awesome bird! There have been parrots who have learned how to speak a wide range of phrases, and some have even shown an ability to respond intelligently to basic questions.

Parrots tend to learn a lot of what they can say through simple mimicry and tend to pick up words and phrases they hear often. That means that if you've got a parrot, you'd do well to watch your language around it as it will pick up any curse words you use. Imagine trying to explain that when Granny comes to visit!

Kanji is a three-year-old African Grey Bird who loves to make her human smile. She's not only learned how to talk, but also how to make the cutest squeaky-toy sound whenever her human gently squeezes her belly. She most likely picked up the sound from an actual squeaky toy belonging to one of the other animals she lives with. Check out the video below to see Kanji in action.

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