When Told To Cut Down Her 110 Year Old Tree, She Decided To Transform Into Something Else, What A Masterpiece!

An old woman residing in Washington State, was informed by the local government to cut down a 110 year-old cedar tree that was in front of her yard. This is because the tree turned out to be a risky hazard in the neighborhood when it started to wither and its branches started breaking. Actually the woman said that he had bought the house because of the love she had for the tree.

She had no otherwise but to cut the tree down, but declining to turn it into mulch and firewood. Instead, she decided to transform it to become an amazing library.

She looked for a sculptor by the name of Enter Larry Carter, who is experienced in making wonderful arts from wood. Larry confessed to have never made a library using a chain saw, but agreed to try her best. She told Sara that instead of paying her for the work done, it was better for her to take the wood chips that will come out after the library carving is complete.

Sara still misses the old tree but the good thing is that she has the library in remembrance of it. Watch the amazing library in the clip below, and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook to let them know the importance of being inventive!

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