When The Music Starts Two Birds Decide To Have A Dance Off. Now My Face Is Hurting

A dance off is a competition, in which any number of dancers can compete. Basically, they compete, taking turns, until one of them is declared a winner. The winner is decided by mutual consent or maybe by applause from the audience. Each dancer tries to out-perform the other with spectacular moves that will take their performance to the next level!

Dance offs can be exciting to watch! This video clip features Jonathan and Sadie who are having a dance contest – but the best part of this competition is that Jonathan and Sadie are birds! A macaw and cockatoo to be exact! Once the music starts so does the contest. But, honestly, it really isn’t a contest! Watch the video for yourself and see if you agree!

Take a look at this video!
[Source: Youtube]
There is definitely a winner, no doubts about it! The move that proves the winner deserves the trophy is the head and wing combination move! Don’t you think? Share away, people!

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